• Carbon Fibre Antistatic Brush
  • Nylon Fibre Antistatic Brush
  • Stainless Steel Antistatic Brush
  • Paper Antistatic Tape Brush
  • Aluminium Antistatic Tape Brush

Anti-static brushes are highly efficient passive anti-static tools which are used on countless machines processing sheets and webs. Static dischargers have a large number of highly conductive fibres. The fine tips of the fibres concentrate the electric field of the static charge and ionise the air. This ionised air provides ions of the opposite polarity to neutralise the static charge and allow it to flow to earth through the brush body. Generally The tips of the fibre do not need to touch the material to be neutralised, if the fibre tips touch the material the neutralisation may be more powerful because there is some conduction of the charge in addition to ionisation. They are particularly effective for high speeds and high charges.

They are available in three choices of fibres such as Carbon fibre, Nylon fibre and stainless steel, and also can be cut to required length. Normally the body are made of Aluminium, and also can be custom-made with anticorrosive material. The "brushes" can be mounted via fixing holes, studs and adhesive according to differnet models. Static dischargers are suitable for various printing and packaging equipments such as printing machines, slitting machines, coating machines, bag making machines, laminating machines, label machines, coding machine, inkjet printers, casing machine, etc.

1)101 Static Dischargers

The “brushes” has robust aluminium extruded body. Mounting holes may be drilled in the “h” single wall. Carbon fibre and Nylon fibre are available.

2)201 Static Dischargers

Aluminium body. Mounting studs 10mm from each end and in centre for lengths over 1 m. Carbon fibre and Nylon fibre are available.

3)660 Stainless Steel Static Dischargers

Fixing holes can be drilled in the aluminium body. These brushes have a large number of highly conductive, soft stainless steel filaments which don't scratch. The filaments have an EVA size giving them flexibility, resilience and a long life.

4)406 Paper Tape Brushes

Self-adhesive paper body. The versatility of tape brushes allows them to be formed into non-linear shapes, as required. These brushes have highly conductive, soft stainless steel filaments. Conductive adhesive on the tape body is used to stick the tape brush to a conductive and grounded part of the machine. No other fixing is required.

5)409 Aluminium Tape Brushes

Self-adhesive aluminium body, have similar features with 406 antistatic tape brushes.

Model Brush Length Filament Length Filament Diameter Filament Material Body Material Fixing Method
(M) (MM) (μM)
101 4 18/30/50/80 6/7/35 Carbon fibre Nylon fibre Aluminium Mounting holes
201 3 18/30/50/80 6/7/35 Carbon fibre Nylon fibre Aluminium Mounting studs
660 1 10 12 Stainless steel Aluminium Mounting holes
406 1/25 7 12 Stainless steel Self-adhesive paper Bonding
409 1/25 11 12 Stainless steel Self-adhesive aluminium Bonding

The length of anti-static brushes can be customized based on requirement.